1、Among the layers of green, there are many blessings. happy birthday to me!


2、All my love and happiness on your birthday, dear.


3、Happy birthday to you, I wish you a smooth and profitable year in 2019year Come on!

→又涨了一岁,祝自己生日快乐,2019年顺顺利利的,加油! 〖21字〗

4、The other is not important. The most important thing is to wish you a happy birthday with your heart.

→别的不重要,最重要的是要用心,用心祝自己生日快乐! 〖23字〗

5、May each hour be a happy one on this special day. Love is always my gift to you for today and every day.


6、Each birthday is a milestone we touch along life is way. May your birthday be happy in more ways than one.


7、Hope your birthday begins a new year with special happiness and all that means the most to you.


8、Leaning on the side of life / yearning for the distance? Is the birthday / cherish the ordinary years / this day sunny!


9、I wish you a healthy growth in mind and body in the years to come, and I wish you a brave face in the future! Happy birthday!


10、Today is my birthday, strangers wish me a happy birthday, OK. A happy birthday can really make me happy for a long time!




11、As much as possible to create happiness to fill time, which can live with time to accompany happiness. Happy birthday to myself!


12、My special wish may bring you health, luck and happiness each minute! Hope it really proves to be the nicest birthday you have spent.

→给你我特别的祝福,愿它每分每秒都带给你健康、好运和幸福。希望这是你度过的最美好的生日! 〖40字〗

13、Today is my birthday. A few days ago, I told my boyfriend to stay up late and send me my best wishes. But he forgot? It is like nothing!


14、Unforgettable is the pure friendship between you and me, precious is the unchanging true feelings, I am glad to meet you, offer my favorite crystal, wish you a happy birthday!


15、Time flies. Today comes your birthday. The best of all good things for this special day and all the many more to come. Many happy returns!

→时光飞逝,今天又是你的生日,愿今天你拥有一切美丽,来年生日更美好,一年更胜一年。生日快乐! 〖40字〗

16、It is your birthday. I have never forgotten a very touching love story. I wish you a happy birthday and more beautiful girls in other days!


17、I hope the best wishes and joy will fill your coming life. I wish my leaders all the best, good luck and happiness. Happy family! Happy birthday!


18、In today is special day, I want to send an old and fashionable blessing: happy birthday, happy every day, dazzle every day, cool every day, you are the most talented!


19、Mom, today is your birthday. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday. Thank you for your constant housework and help. I wish you happiness and health in the years to come!


20、I have no colorful flowers, no romantic poems, no expensive gifts, no exciting surprises, only a gentle blessing, I wish you a happy birthday!




21、The sun is shining, walking thousands of miles, the stars and the moon never stop; usually nothing more smile, always keep young and energetic; more and friends get together, drink a little wine, sing a song, wish you good luck and good luck! Happy birthday!


22、Thank God for your coming. The birth of a little creature brings joy to our monotonous life and adds a color to this colorful world. Happy birthday, baby!


23、They can temporarily drift away from the reinforced concrete city, running by the river after school every day, shuttling through the woods, calling friends, playing games, and dreaming about the fragrance of flowers! Happy birthday!


24、We get to know each other so long, I am glad our friendship remains the same, so beautiful, so pure, forget your delicate and charming smile, happy and unforgettable you, our love will never change, I wish you a happy birthday!

→我们相识了这么久,很高兴我们友情依然如故,这样美丽,这样纯洁,难忘你娇艳笑容,难忘你快乐模样,我们真情永不改变,祝你生日快乐! 〖56字〗

25、Stir up the confusion of life, decorate the stumbling of life, paint happiness with warm color, give a full reason for happiness, send my hand-made love cake, wish you a happy birthday!


26、and sister, I wish my dear sister, dress up your beautiful beautiful drop, mood maintain meimei drops, sweet, happy life day dizzy drops, bonanza prosperous, wish sister happy drops greatly! Happy birthday!

姐妹日到,祝我亲爱的姐妹,打扮自己靓靓滴,心情保持美美滴,幸福生活甜甜滴,日子过滴晕晕滴,财源滚滚旺旺滴,愿姐妹开心大大滴! 生日快乐! 〖59字〗

27、Years light up your smile of youth, time sings my sincere wishes like a song, when the meteor across a stream of color, birthday candle, candle language happy peace will record the fleeting years of your life! Happy birthday!


28、Meet you, I began to love gambling, I do not know what the outcome of the old moon set, just want to sing happy verses every minute, whether the result is a comedy tragedy, I have no regret now sweet together! Happy birthday, husband!


29、I give you my best wishes for your birthday. I wish you: career is like a hot sun in the afternoon, money is always countless, the body is better than a strong tiger, do not feel tired and hard, leisurely like a street mouse, romantic like playing music, happy life is not you!


30、Dear, over the years along the way with you, I become more unable to self-control, because you, I do not have to worry about anything; husband, I have been spoiled by you, today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday! From tomorrow on, it is my turn to serve you!